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Karoz Fine Silver

One of a kind handcrafted jewelry!

Photo Gallery

Wire Work Wire Work LARGE CROCHET SILVER EARRINGS These crocheted earring are approximately 1 1/2" in diameter. They are made with 30 gauge fine silver wire and have a black tear drop crystal at the center. The ear hooks are sterling silver. The design is by Arline M. Fisch in her book Crocheted Wire Jewelry. Price: $145.00 175432861 COPPER FLOWER Crochet copper 30 gauge wire set with pale green in the center. Price: $40.00 196280808 OWL FACES Once these earrings were finished they gave me the impression of the face of owls.:) Price: $67.00 196280807 CROCHET STARS Fine silver 30 gauge with Swarovski crystals at the tip of star. The ball post are sterling silver. Price: $60.00 196280806 8 PETAL FLOWER A pair of lacy crochet fine silver wire earrings have crystal centers and surgical steel post. Price: $70.00 206189371 CHOCOLATE CROCHET BELLS Rich chocolate brown 30 gauge wire was used to shape the open bell shaped earrings. Copper color crystals add sparkle. The ear wires have latch closings. Price: $49.00 192677519 LIME GREEN LACY BELLS Lime green 30 gauge wire was used to shape the open bell shaped earrings. Light green crystals add sparkle. The posts are sterling with a 4mm ball. Price: $53.00 192677524 3D FIGURE 8 These earrings are my original design. Crocheted using fine black colored 30 gauge wire. They have clear two AB crystals fastened at the center. The earrings are approximately 1" long X 1/2" wide. The post are surgical steel. Price: $37.00 192677515 BLUE CROCHET OVALS The fine 30 gauge wire is sapphire blue with blue Swarovski bicone crystals woven on the edges. The post are surgical steel. Price: $40.00 192677516 LIME GREEN CROCHET OVALS The fine 30 gauge wire is a lime green with light green Swarovski crystals. The post are surgical steel. Price: $40.00 192677523 COPPER BUTTERFLY Crochet fine copper wire form the shape of a butterfly. Cosmic and bicone crystals add sparkle. Appox. 2 1/2"wide X 2" tall. Price: $45.00 192677520 SCALLOP CROCHET BRACELET Bracelet is approximately 7 1/2" long. It is made of 30 gauge fine silver wire, silver crystals and a pewter button on the clasp. This design is my creation. Price: $192.00 175432862 another view of bracelet contact [email protected] 196280809 CROCHET BRASS W/GEOMETRIC SHAPES The fine brass wire are tarnish resistant. It has a hook and eye clasp. Price: $92.00 192677518 RIDING THE WAVE. Tarnish resistant brass and black fine wire is crochet into this original design. The bracelet is appox. 7 1/2" long. It has a hook and eye clasp, Price: $83.00 192677521 HEARTS ON SILVER Crocheted heart shape with a crystal in the center of each is the focal point of the silver bracelet. Red crystals are added to the edging. It has a sterling wide hook and eye clasp. This is an original design. It is appox. 7 1/2" long. Price: $72.00 192677522 RAINBOW CHEVRON This chevron shaped bracelet is crocheted with a rainbow of fine wire. The tips of the chevron a studded with crystals. The clasp is gold plated and the bracelet is appox. 7 1/2" long. Price: $51.00 192677526 WIDE RAINBOW BRACELET This is a wider version of the previous bracelet. It is lined with a sheer fabric for comfort. There is a hook and loop clasp. Price: $57.00 196280810 RAINBOW SCALLOPS Crochet scallop design with fine 30 gauge wire with crystal woven between each color. There is a loop and hook clasp. Price: $74.00 196280811 S-MAILLE Sterling silver wire and channel clasp. Price: $358.00 90364480 PARALLEL LINKS Sterling silver wire with a bar and toggle clasp. Price: $257.00 90364479 TURKISH LINKS Sterling silver wire and magnet clasp. Price: $125.00 90364481